Illegally Parked or Abandoned Vehicles

Unfortunately, at some point, you may encounter someone who blatantly ignores signs that specifically state that they are not allowed to park in a specific area.

This is a headache that you weren’t prepared to acquire and quite frankly shouldn’t be held accountable to remove.

Whether you come home and find someone in your parking spot, someone has parked in front of a fire hydrant, or you own a business and someone is abusing your parking lot, you can count on Clarksville Tow Truck Service to handle this situation. We promise to be ready at any time of day or night with the appropriate tow truck to remove the offending vehicle.
Illegally Parked

Illegally parked vehicles are an issue across the state.  Drivers consistently ignore signs specifically stating that a car needs a permit to park on a neighborhood street, or a sign stating that the parking spot is for a specific business. No matter the area or reason, you can count of Clarksville Tow Truck Service to be on the scene quickly to remove the offending vehicle.

On occasion, we will notify the police department of illegally parked vehicle on your property in case of trends with the driver. We also make certain to practice extreme caution to make sure that the vehicle was properly towed from the property. Our team will also document the event through paperwork and pictures as well as record the name and number of the person reporting the towing.

Additionally, we do not want you to have to be held liable for someone else’s careless mistake. That is why we promise to tow illegally parked vehicles at no cost to you. All you need to do is call up Clarksville Tow Truck Service to report an illegally parked vehicle, and we will arrive quickly on scene with the proper towing equipment to solve this issue.
Abandoned Vehicles

In Clarksville, Tennessee there are several ways that a car can be considered abandoned. Was there a car left on public property for more that 10 days and is more than four years old? Abandoned. Is the car is in a state of disrepair and left on public property for three or more days? Abandoned. Maybe someone left a vehicle on your private property for more than 2 days. All of these scenarios are instances where you can call Clarksville Tow Truck Service to report an abandoned vehicle.

Typically, because abandoned vehicles are considered junk vehicles, our team would like to assure you that we have knowledge on removing and transporting junk vehicles. No matter what the state of the vehicle may be, we will show a high level of professionalism and knowledge to remove the vehicle properly. Again, just like with illegally parked vehicles, we want to make sure that you are not held accountable for the immature or lazy decision of someone else. That is why you can call us at any time of day (or night), and we will come remove the vehicle, free of charge.